How to create a new page in WordPress

You must have seen many websites and have seen that those websites create many pages such as home page, about page, contact page, blog page, and other pages.

By looking at all these blog pages, you would also think about how these blog pages are made in WordPress.

As we know Coding is not required to do most of the work in WordPress, in the same way, a few clicks are enough to create a new page in WordPress. You can also change the number of posts per page in WordPress using 2-3 clicks.

So these are the following steps to create a new page in WordPress.

  • Open your website dashboard.
  • Now click on the page.
  • Click on add new button.
  • Now give a title to your page like home about us contact us
  • Write anything that you want to show on your page.
  • Now you can publish or you can draft it.
create a new page in WordPress

A few settings you must check before publishing a WordPress page

Settings that you can do in the block editor

  • Give a suitable title to your website page.
  • Check the permalink of that page.
  • Allow comments if you want.
  • Select layouts like header, footer and sider bar if you want.
create a new page in WordPress

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