How to submit your blog to search engines?

What will you do when you create a blog or website for the first time?

submit site to search engines

You will positively search your website in search engines. Frankly speaking, you will first search it on Google.

And when you could not discover it on google then you thought something is wrong with Google.

Why can Google not find my blog?

This usually happened with every newborn blogger and webmaster.

The same thing happened to me. After buying a domain name and hosting I did the same mistake when I was a newbie blogger.

But the truth is that:

You have to submit site to search engines.

Now you must be thinking, how do I get my website on google search?

So in this post, you learn:

  • How to submit site to search engines
  • Why you should signup for webmaster tools provided by search engines

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Before leaping to the way to submit your site to search engines check out  benefits of  adding website/blog to search engines like Google:

1. Get more readers to your blog:

Search engines got the huge amount of traffic. Search Engines do not have any content of itself. They provide the content of another site to the users. If your site is SEO optimized and you have good content then search engines will show your site to the users. In that case, you will get more readers to your blog/website.

 2. Targeted traffic:

You will always get targeted traffic to your blog/website because search engines show the related results to queries which are put by the user.

For instance:

If someone searched for books the then Google will show up the result related to books, not related to shoes or anything else.

In that case, if you will get more targeted traffic and it will help you to increase your revenue.

 3.  Lower bounce rate:

As above said search results provide targeted traffic. And if you get targeted traffic then there are more chances that user will stay at your site for longer time and he will also check your other content and products. So it will automatically reduce your site bounce rate.

4. Free traffic:

You don’t need to spend money to submit your blog/website to search engines. It’s 100% free!!

Usually, you don’t have to pay money to get visitors to your blog/website.


If you want to get more visitors then you can use advertisement feature where you can place ads on search engines to show your site at the top for some specific keywords.

So start submitting your site/blog to most popular search engines:

 1. Google:

Google is the No. 1 search engine in the universe. Google gets about 1.6 billion monthly unique visitors. Google is dominating the all other search engines. You must submit your blog/website to google.

 2. Bing and Yahoo:

Bing and yahoo are the  2nd and 3rd search engines. Since Yahoo is empowered by Bing so you have to just submit your blog to bing and it will automatically be submitted to yahoo also.

 3. Baidu:

Baidu is the most popular search engine in china. In China people prefers Baidu more than Google. So it would be beneficial for your blog.

  4. Yandex:

Yandex was founded in 1997 and it is the most popular search engine in Russia. You should not ignore the power of Yandex because you can reach to many peoples present in Russia.

You can  submit site to search engines by clicking on the following links:

You can also signup for webmaster tools and submit your blog/website to search engines.

Benefits of webmaster tools:

Webmaster tools are the free tools provided by search engines and Webmaster tools can help you in SEO.

Webmaster tools show you the index status, internal and external links that are coming to your blog.

You can submit the sitemap to search engines. It also shows you the crawls errors and you can also remove links from search results if you want to do so.

Steps to create an account for Google webmaster:

  1. Go to Google webmasters.
  2. Sign in to  Google webmasters. You need Gmail accounts for that.
  3. Now add your blog/website URL and click on add property.submit site to search engines
  4. To add your blog/website to search engines you have to verify that you own this site.
  5. Now you will get two methods for verification as shownsubmit site to search engines
  6. Click on Alternate method > Select Html tag> copy the meta tag.submit site to search engines
  7. Install Yoast SEO and activate it> Click on dashboard> Select webmaster tools> Paste Meta code in input field> Save changes.submit site to search engines
  8. Go back to Google webmasters and click on verify.
  9. Now your blog is successfully created a google webmaster account.

Similarly, you can signup for Bing and Yandex webmaster tools and that will help you to make your blog visible and reach the larger audience.

You can share this post with others if you found it helpful. If you have any questions and suggestions then drop a comment below.

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