How to track your lost android Phone using gmail account

How to Track Lost Android Phone using Gmail Account:-

Android is an operating system which is developed by Google i.e. Google can handle all the activities of Android device if it is connected to the internet. Also, you can easily track Android phone (Android) or tablet by using android device manager.

Android Device Manager (ADM)

Android Device Manager is a tool provided by Google and it makes easy to Track, Ring, or Wipe your device from the web. If you have lost your Android device, Android Device Manager helps you to track its approximate location on Google map, and it also shows your timeline ( last time where your phone was used).

Why is Android Device Manager best tracking tool?

  • Android Device Manager is official tool provided by Google:

All you knew that Android is an operating system which is developed by Google. Therefore, Google provides many services to their customers one of which is Android Device tracking tool.

  • You don’t need to download any app on the smartphone:

In the Android operating system, there is no reason to download any tracking app to track phone. There is a tool called Android Device Manager which is already installed with the operating system. By using this tool, you can easily track approximation location of the Android device, and you can also erase or lock your device remotely.

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  1. You should have an email account which is login in your android phone/tablet.
  2. Internet connection-Your device should be connected to the web.
  3. Your device GPS should be turned on.

How to activate this tool?

In all Android Smartphone/Tablet, Android device manager is already turned on. If this tool is off, then you can quickly turn on this tool using these steps-

Go to:

Setting>Security>Device Administration>Android Device Manager on this tool.

Steps to track lost Android Phone:

There are two ways to track android phone:

First one is:

  1. Login to your Gmail account in your web browser.

  2. Open Google and type any one query:

where is my device / what is my location / where am I /where am I right now

  1. Then it will show your’s device approximate location in google map.

track lost Android phone

And second one is:

  1. Open android device manager website.

track lost android phone using Amd

This site shows approximation location of your device. To lock your device just click on lock button and it will ask some detail which you want to show on your Android device fill the details.

track phone location

Steps to erase your data remotely:

  1. You have to click on Erase option as you can see on the image above.
  2. Similarly, you can ring your phone if can’t find it in your room.
  3. It will ask you to confirm the command.
  4. Confirm it and your all data will be erased ( including SD card).

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