How to use classic editor in wordpress 5.0

WordPress launched its new block editor with WordPress version 5.0 and the project is named as Gutenberg project. Before the block editor, we had to install separate plugins for each job but in this editor, a lot of functionality available for example-to create a table, to create multi-column content

In this project there are lots of functionality are available that result in good user experience. At first, some people do not understand this editor and they do not understand how it works because they do not understand its interface, so they want to use this classic editor instead of the block editor.  So in this article, I will give you information on how to install and use Classic Editor in WordPress version above 5.0. Do read this article till the end.

These are the following steps to use classic editor in WordPress

    1. Log in and go to WordPress dashboard
    2. Then click on plugin>add new Then search classic editor.use classic editor in wordpress
    3. Click on the install button.use classic editor in wordpress
    4. Click on activate.
    5. Now you have the advantage to switch these editor classical and block editor.

How to enable switch and use classic editor and  block editor in WordPress

After installing the plugin, now is the time to make some settings to enable the classic editor as well as the block editor.

  • To use classic editor click on setting>writing. 
  • After that choose classic editor as the default editor for the user.
  • Allow user to switch editors
  • Do not forget to click on save change.

use classic editor in wordpress

Now open new post and you can see new post will open only with the classic editor. You can also see in the draft post that you have got the option to choose the editor.use classic editor in wordpress

Some frequently asked questions

How to Disable Gutenberg & Return to the Classic WordPress Editor?

How do I get back to the classic editor?

Install classic editor plugin and enable some settings as shown in the images above.

I can’t find the classic editor or my previous posts.

How to Use the Classic Editor with WordPress 5.0

Install classic editor plugin and do some settings on writing section under satting>writting enable classic editor and save now you can see classic editor on your post.

Unable to switch between Classic Editor and Block Editor in WordPress 5.0

How to Disable Gutenberg and Keep the Classic Editor in WordPress


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